Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Volume One Number Four

Emergency Preparedness - EMP Events
We recently saw the anniversary of the legendary Carrington Event, whereby massive solar activity wreaked havoc in many areas, destroying telegraph lines and other basic infrastructure.  Today, of course, the impact of such an event would be much greater, rendering much of our electronics useless.  Unlike in the movies, and EMP event (natural or man made) permanently damages this equipment - it won’t start working again later.  As a part of your emergency preparedness, do you have electronics stored safely against the impact of an EMP, so that it could be used later?

6 Meters and VHF in General
I did not have a chance to work the September VHF contest, so I have no report.  I’ve seen very few openings on 6 meters in the last two weeks, which is to be expected.  Nonetheless, I watch for the random opening when I’m close to the radio, because you never know.  I’ll remind you that there is a dedicated group on 50.145 working meteors around 7 am local many days.

Low Band Dxing
In general, all low band DXing has been poor in recent weeks, due to a lot of solar activity, and ongoing summertime thunderstorms.  We are moving quickly into a season where the atmosphere should be quieter and conditions better.  I’m hopeful to spend some time at night in the coming days to seek how 80 meters is doing.  Please drop me a note about your own low band activities.

In the last couple of weeks, I show the following QSLs received - 
6 meters FN02
Caymans (ZF) 80,40, and 20
Moldova (ER) 40 and 20
Northern Ireland (GI) on 80m

Galapagos (HC8) on 80, 15, and 10

73 and Good DX,



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